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Decode Base64 data

About is the one modern tool you need to decode Base64 data. This tool allows you to decode Base64 data into human-readable text. This website also serves as a one-stop resource for researching Base64, when you need to understand how Base64 works or provide evidence of particular Base64 behavior.

What is Base64?

Base64 is an encoding scheme used to carry text and other data. It is used for simple obfuscation or to ensure data integrity in environments which only reliably support text content, such as websites and other software. The number 64 comes from the 64 ASCII characters which can be used in encoded Base64 data.

How to use

Copy the Base64 data from the source, such as another website. Then paste into the blue text box above where it says "Paste Base64 data here". The decoded data will immediately appear below. Then, 🎉 celebrate!

If the data does not decode automatically, click/tap the "Decode" button. If an error message is shown, please re-copy the text from the source again carefully, from beginning to end, and re-paste into the blue text box above.

Faster than other tools is faster than other tools, automatically decoding pasted text. The website is optimized to provide the fastest loading speeds, no matter where you are in the world.

Modern and simple tool

Modern tools designed with a simple user experience in mind work better for users. This tool is designed with simplicity in mind, to be useful when you need it, and to be out of your way when you don't need it.

Optimized for mobile

This tool is optimized for mobile devices and browsers, so you can decode Base64 decode on your phone, tablet or laptop with the same tool.

Online browser tool optimized for performance

This tool does all the work in your browser. Encoded or decoded Base64 data is never sent to our server. This makes the experience faster for you and provides better privacy.

More convenient than other tools

When your decoded Base64 text has URLs, this tool will automatically convert them into clickable links. For your convenience, you can click on links in the decoded data.

Base64 examples

Examples of common Base64 strings. Click on any below to demo this tool.

Useful Tools After Decoding

These tools are often needed after decoding Base64: